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complete training

We will train you on :

  • How to read and understand a stock chart
  • Risk Management
  • What is a technical indicator and how to use it
  • How a trading platform works
  • How to manage your levers (very important)
  • What is a batch
  • How to recognize a trend
  • How to detect a break
  • Know how to get in and out at the right time
  • Stress management: your emotions will have a significant impact on your decisions (very important)
  • What is a margin and much more..

Our courses are provided in three languages : French, English and Spanish


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Complete training

From Trader Zéro to Trader Pro

We provide more in-depth training for people who really want to learn and make a living from trading.

By investing €690 for life, you are making a substantial investment in your understanding of currency trading and your forex trading journey at a fair price.

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  • Suitable for traders of all skills and experience, from novice traders to experienced traders
  • Learn how to build your own profitable system and analyze other systems
  • Free access to the closed Facebook group to communicate with like-minded traders
  • All the information you need in one place
  • Learn the basics of trading at your own pace
  • Learn how to manage your investment risk
  • Actionable and challenging forex quiz
  • Free Trading Plan Template
  • Free course updates
  • No monthly fees

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